Definition – What does Storage Device mean?

A storage device is any computing hardware that is used for storing, porting and extracting data files and objects. It can hold and store information both temporarily and permanently, and can be internal or external to a computer, server or any similar computing device.

Examples of storage devices include:

  • Hard disk
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Magnetic tape
  • Flash memory (USB memory sticks)

1.The hard disk is a spindle of magnetic disks, called platters, that record and store information. Because the data is stored magnetically, information recorded to the hard disk remains intact after you turn your computer off. This is an important distinction between the hard disk and RAM, or memory, which is reset when the computer’s power is turned off.

2.DVD (an abbreviation of “digital versatile disc”or “digital video disc”) is a digital optical disc storage format invented and developed by Philips,Sony,Toshiba,And Panasonic in 1995. The medium can store any kind of digital data and is widely used for software and other computer files as well as video programs watched using DVD Players . DVDs offer higher storage capacity than compact discs while having the same dimensions.

3.Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin, magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film. It was developed in Germany , based on magnetic wire recording. Devices that record and play back audio and video using magnetic tape are tape recorders and video tape recorders . A device that stores computer data on magnetic tape is a tape drive (tape unit, streamer).

4.Flash memory is a type of nonvolatile memory that erases data in units called blocks . A block stored on a flash memory chip must be erased before data can be written, or programmed, to the microchip . Flash memory retains data for an extended period of time whether a flash-equipped device is powered on or off.

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